crawford senior care prides itself on the very best of care

On Site Consultations

Our doctors & nurse practitioners provide personalised care.

We provide on-site consultations for the residents who require medical assessment without leaving the residential facilities where they reside. Our team of Doctors and Nurse Practitioners will be happy to attend to each senior’s medical concerns and inquiries.

Our specialists understand the unique requirements of caring for senior citizens. This allows them to provide personalised care to every resident.

Our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners can also provide information about certain conditions and help you  develop a plan to manage their health. This plan could include preventative measures, such as lifestyle changes, which could help stave off certain conditions.

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After Hours Services

Medical concerns can come up at any time during the day or night. It can be tremendously worrying to find yourself in a situation where medical assistance is required after the Doctor’s office has closed. That’s why Crawford Senior Care can offer after-hours consultations when needed. Our medical and nursing staff will be able to work with you to meet your residents’ needs.

We believe this service is extremely important to ensure your patients’ well-being and comfort at all times.


On certain occasions, a video consultation with one of our Doctors or Nurse Practitioners will provide a quick response and answers to medical concerns or questions. Our specialised telehealth software can enable you to consult with our Doctors in a secure, simple and convenient way. 

All telehealth consultations are private and secure, all data is encrypted and none of your information is stored. 

Teleconsultations are available during the day or for after hours services.

Audiology / Ear Health

We have partnered with Focus Hearing in order to provide a comprehensive Audiology service for your residential senior citizens. Our experienced audiologists routinely carry out hearing screenings, evaluate patient’s hearing needs and if necessary, provide the hearing aid that is appropriate in each case. 

This service even makes it possible for patients to try the latest hearing aids during a trial period and work with different funding options, so that patients with hearing deficiencies are able to improve their hearing and quality of life.

Minor Surgery

At Crawford Senior Care, we have an operating theatre available for minor surgical procedures. Our operating theatre is fully sterile, air-conditioned and complies with all of the necessary regulations, which means that most health insurances will cover the cost of these minor surgeries.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Crawford Senior Care can offer thorough skin checks and mole mapping to help prevent skin cancer or to diagnose it early. This can improve your patient’s chances of overcoming skin cancer. Mole mapping is the most effective procedure to detect and monitor skin lesions.

Most melanomas occur in patients who are over the age of 50 years old. This is why skin checks are an important procedure in order to maintain a senior’s health. 

The high incidence of skin cancer in New Zealand is caused by high ultraviolet (UV) levels and low ozone layers that are present over New Zealand. Prevention and early diagnosis are the key to lowering our skin cancer statistics, which is why we focus on these procedures.

Making A Difference In The Lives Of Seniors.

Crawford Senior Care Prides Itself On The Very Best Of Care
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