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crawford senior care prides itself on the very best of care

Crawford Senior Care

The best in Senior healthcare

At Crawford Senior Care we believe that seniors deserve the best possible medical care.  We are confident in our ability to provide the best care for residents at your residential care facilities. Crawford Senior Care can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to care for and look after your residents’ medical needs.

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Our Services

Crawford Senior Care provide top quality medical assistance to senior citizens who live in residential care facilities.  Some of our services include on-site medical consultations, after hours services, teleconsultations, hearing tests, minor surgical procedures, skin checks and mole mapping, ear health services and holistic care provided by nurse practitioners. 

Our staff always seek to create and maintain a friendly, caring environment for your senior residents. Our continuous quality improvement programme strives to provide effective, modern and safe medical care.

Crawford Services

On site consultations

Our doctors are experts in senior care and have a thorough understanding of the unique needs of senior care residents.

Audiology / Ear Health

Our Audiology services include full hearing checks, ear wax removal, hearing aid fitting and hearing aid consultation.

After hours services

Crawford Senior Care offer after hours consultations when needed. Our medical staff will be able to attend to your residents around the clock.

Minor surgery

Many of our doctors perform minor surgical procedures, under local anaesthetic when needed for your convenience and comfort within in our sterile operating theatre.


Teleconsultations are used to provide medical advice, like a face to face appointment, however from within your residential care facilities.

Skin cancer clinic

Our specialist clinic provides skin cancer services including a comprehensive Mole Mapping clinic that will provide you the peace of mind you need.

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